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It's so hard being a student...

It's been a super while..
hehehe.. sorry, since i'm a bit addicted to ameba so i always post my updates there. hehe..

Saa, so what do we have here? umm..
Hmm, okay.. today you know, i went to campus to meet my teacher. Me and my friend. Bot of us.
First time, i saw her at the nutrition lab at campus. but, since i didn't put any attention of her, since i need to wait for my friend, then i didn't know if she had left!!
We want to meet her at 10, but since my friend was late so it was about 10.15.
Then, when we went to nutrition lab again, she wasn't there!!!
Oh, gosh!! Then, we tried to message her. But no answer. We tried to find her, but no result.
Then, at 11.45, we called her. She answered!! Yay, i thought.
But she said that we can meet her at Monday....
Then i became, Whatt??? So i was being here before 10 o'clock it's for nothing?? My!!
But i know, the one who done wrongly are us. We were late,so..
Ah,i was so regret it.. But nothing can be done right?

Ah, btw, we went to our teacher to ask for help actually. lol. For doing her task (of making journal). Because we don't understand how to do it so we tried to meet her.. But since this is what happen so...
It's no choice but meet her at Monday right? hehe

Anyway, tomorrow i will meet my high school friends!! Yay!!
I hope i can meet my elementary school friends too.. I miss them so much!!

Night all.. Have a good day.\
God bless us

BRAND NEW DAY, BRAND NEW LIFE, These wonderful days.
Be grateful for them and we’ll still keep on going