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See ya, Nani!

It's been a super while!!!
Hi, all? What's up??
For me, i'm being soooo fine but so busy too this days.

But, i wanna say something here, since i haven't post anything yet for long time.
You know guys, i lost my friend again. I mean, she didn't go forever, but, she went to another city, for work. She and me are good friends. We have been together since i moved to this city. She is 2 years older than me but we are close. And, last wednesday, she went to Jakarta for work.
I do understand that she will working for her family, have the increase of life quality, etc. I do understand about it. But, i just can't stand it. I mean, this is too fast. We can't meet each other anymore (except she come home or me go to Jakarta). Actually that made me a little bit sad.
Well, but i need to support her no matter what. She said this when i congrats her for her graduation at April,
"Kamu juga cepetan lulus,ya. April tahun depan udah kudu lulus lho,"
that means,
"You too, get graduate soon. Next April you need to have been graduated,"
Actually that time, i didn't know anything about her move and her plan of work, so i totally surprised when she said to me that she will move to Jakarta for work.
and she said this too when she farewell to us,
"Daa febi.. Cepet lulus ya.. Buat mama papamu bangga ama kamu.. Salam buat mia,didit, om lucky, tante christ.. Gbu :)"
"Bye febi.. Get graduate soon.. Make your mom and dad proud of you.. Give my regards to mia, didit, om lucky, tante christ.. God bless you :)"

aaaa.... I'm getting miss her so sudden.. She even just moved for 2 days!!
Nani, i'll miss you.. And i'll do my promise to you.. I'll graduate next year!! I'll do my best and if i can, i'll go to your place too. lol
just wait for me,okay? lol

Anyway, thanks for always care for me, always give your advices to me, and for always being a good friend of me. I love you, my friend...
God,please bless her, and keep her safe.

Your friend,

BRAND NEW DAY, BRAND NEW LIFE, These wonderful days.
Be grateful for them and we’ll still keep on going