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Graduation... yet

Holla! it's been half a year since my last post here..:D
today, i went with my uni friends.
since i thought that this is the last time we can go together as a complete classmate, then i asked permission from my boss.
but well, we still can't be complete, eh? hahaha.. but that's okay!
i can say, 80% of our class came today. and i was reaaaaally happy for met them.
well, some of my friends will be graduate this August.
yes, and after the graduation, we maybe can't meet each other again..
some of them will be back to their hometown.. some of them will seeking for job.. some of them will get married.. but any of them that will study again, mastering public health here..

and, i kind of sad..
"finally this day will happen", i think..
since the beginning of my uni life, i always thought, "should it be normal if we can't meet each other anymore? i mean, we came from sooo many different places, and ofc we will back to our place again". but i guess it way worse that that.

graduation means separation.
but, actually in a good way.
i mean, who don't want to get graduated? hello~

well, i need to get a grip of myself.
and i need to finish my thesis as soon as possible.
i need to graduate soon.
chase for my friends' path..

i want to work too.. (even though i have now but it's a little bit different. i want the real work)
i want to continue my study too.. (even though maybe i won't take PH as my subject.. well, i'm still thinking, should i take design subject? or nutrition?)

i would like to enter the adult world too.. hahaha
i sounds like a little kiddo, eh?

okay, need to get rest. my friend have her proposal session tomorrow morning, and i want to join her..
see ya.

p.s. again, congratulation my dear PKIP2012 friends! you're doing a great job!! i need to catch up soon.. lol
God bless you guys, Dara, Anik, Aulia, Mytha, Ruth, Putri, Yayuk, mbak Heni, Riris, Adhin, Dea.. i love you guys!!

God bless us

BRAND NEW DAY, BRAND NEW LIFE, These wonderful days.
Be grateful for them and we’ll still keep on going