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Okay, i knew it's late.. so much..
But, 1st, thing, i'll say this first.
Aww!!! I miss this blog!!!! >,< Finally, i can do blogging!! how happy!!

Okay, back to the topic,


Happy Birthday Sanada Yuma!!
Finally, you're 20 now.
(and we're have the same age now. lol)
Wish you have:
a very blessed birth day.
blessings from God.
good at your school and job
and, maybe get a girlfriend soon...?? -> even though i don't want this happen!! >,< *biased*

aww, i miss this boy too.. i didn't see him again after Ghost Mama.. i miss Hyakushiki Ou too.. and Waratte Iitomo too... T^T

but.. my connection.. uuu....

okay2.. i guess it's not only Sanapi but i'll wish Noeru a happy birthday too.. lol

Happy late birthday too, Kawashima Noeru..!!
Wish you a wonderful blessed birthday..
and, wish i can see you more.. i miss Noeru's dancing and singing.. T^T
(Johnny-san, please put him in Shokura again, please..)
okay, it's late already. so, good night.
sleep tight.
God bless us.
BRAND NEW DAY, BRAND NEW LIFE, These wonderful days.
Be grateful for them and we’ll still keep on going