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Nov. 25th, 2015


Answer for question 4557.

What's your favorite older movie? (For the purposes of this question, we'll define "older" as "more than 30 years since it was made.) How many times have you seen it, and why do you like it so much? How does the quality of current movies compare to movies of the past?
This absolutely The Sound of Music for me. I watched it for times -don't really remember though- and i still love the storyline, so classic, and full of music. :3 lol

Answer for question 4558.

Sometimes we are so focused on the negative aspects of ourselves that we overlook the ways in which we excel, so let's be kinder to ourselves today. Take some time out and ask... what do I like best about me? What makes you unique? How do you think others would answer that question about you?
I'm not really sure about this, and i'm not really sure what kind of answer other people will answer this question be. But, well, what do i like most of myself is that i'm quite humble (???) i don't know!! lol
ah, and i'm good at memorizing songs and learning languages. lol. i don't think i'm that special afterall. lol

May. 23rd, 2015


Answer for question 4378.

Who is your favorite movie/TV/cartoon character of all time? Why? What is the special significance of that character to you?
cartoon character? it's Donald Duck for me. although he has bad luck, and bad temper, but he's a hardworking person (or can i say, duck. lol). he's a loving person (duck) to his family and his lover.

Jun. 25th, 2014


This Journal is Still Alive!

hahaha.. i even laughed at my title. yep.
hi my dear journal, long time no see. how long was it? almost a year since my last post? uhm, sorry..
i just got busy in life and just have no mood to post anything here (but i posted some in my other blog, sowwy~ x3)
so, well, since i open my livejournal, i just want to post something but i have nothing in mind right now.

okay.. i'm blank. this boredness stops my mind to thinking.. haha
okay, gotta back to work. see ya.
God bless us ^^


p.s. : i really want to post something but i can't. so i'll just leave it like this. why? because I WANT TO POST SOMETHING. got it? lol. kidding. really bye now.

Jul. 29th, 2013

Graduation... yet

Holla! it's been half a year since my last post here..:D
today, i went with my uni friends.
since i thought that this is the last time we can go together as a complete classmate, then i asked permission from my boss.
but well, we still can't be complete, eh? hahaha.. but that's okay!
i can say, 80% of our class came today. and i was reaaaaally happy for met them.
well, some of my friends will be graduate this August.
yes, and after the graduation, we maybe can't meet each other again..
some of them will be back to their hometown.. some of them will seeking for job.. some of them will get married.. but any of them that will study again, mastering public health here..

and, i kind of sad..
"finally this day will happen", i think..
since the beginning of my uni life, i always thought, "should it be normal if we can't meet each other anymore? i mean, we came from sooo many different places, and ofc we will back to our place again". but i guess it way worse that that.

graduation means separation.
but, actually in a good way.
i mean, who don't want to get graduated? hello~

well, i need to get a grip of myself.
and i need to finish my thesis as soon as possible.
i need to graduate soon.
chase for my friends' path..

i want to work too.. (even though i have now but it's a little bit different. i want the real work)
i want to continue my study too.. (even though maybe i won't take PH as my subject.. well, i'm still thinking, should i take design subject? or nutrition?)

i would like to enter the adult world too.. hahaha
i sounds like a little kiddo, eh?

okay, need to get rest. my friend have her proposal session tomorrow morning, and i want to join her..
see ya.

p.s. again, congratulation my dear PKIP2012 friends! you're doing a great job!! i need to catch up soon.. lol
God bless you guys, Dara, Anik, Aulia, Mytha, Ruth, Putri, Yayuk, mbak Heni, Riris, Adhin, Dea.. i love you guys!!

God bless us


Dec. 1st, 2012

Umm... Happy (late) Birthday Sanada Yuma..? -,- ; ...and, Kawashima Noeru...

Okay, i knew it's late.. so much..
But, 1st, thing, i'll say this first.
Aww!!! I miss this blog!!!! >,< Finally, i can do blogging!! how happy!!

Okay, back to the topic,


Happy Birthday Sanada Yuma!!
Finally, you're 20 now.
(and we're have the same age now. lol)
Wish you have:
a very blessed birth day.
blessings from God.
good at your school and job
and, maybe get a girlfriend soon...?? -> even though i don't want this happen!! >,< *biased*

aww, i miss this boy too.. i didn't see him again after Ghost Mama.. i miss Hyakushiki Ou too.. and Waratte Iitomo too... T^T

but.. my connection.. uuu....

okay2.. i guess it's not only Sanapi but i'll wish Noeru a happy birthday too.. lol

Happy late birthday too, Kawashima Noeru..!!
Wish you a wonderful blessed birthday..
and, wish i can see you more.. i miss Noeru's dancing and singing.. T^T
(Johnny-san, please put him in Shokura again, please..)
okay, it's late already. so, good night.
sleep tight.
God bless us.

Oct. 27th, 2012

Well, well, well....

I'm alone. Well, not really alone for sure..
I mean, all my sis and bro are going to Bandungan. They're going for retreat with the youth comm of church.

Guys, you know, i have something to say..
Well, i'm not trying to too proud with myself or else.. no..
But, well, let's the story start..
Last week, one of my lecture asked me to translate some article. I just said yes.Of course, if i can help him, i'll help him. right?
And this week, he asked me to do some translation too.
And today, he said that he will pay for what i've done.
Wow. It's just, Wow.
I mean, actually, i'm not really confidence with my english. really.
even though my friends said that it's good, but i don't think so.
i just... don't know how to think and say..
Yeah, maybe, thanks a lot God, and thanks a lot sir..
Actually you don't need to do this, but well..
aww, i'm getting nervous by myself.. hahaha.. so silly..

Well, i guess i need to go now. there's school task that i need to do..

God bless us. ^^

Oct. 5th, 2012


It's so hard being a student...

It's been a super while..
hehehe.. sorry, since i'm a bit addicted to ameba so i always post my updates there. hehe..

Saa, so what do we have here? umm..
Hmm, okay.. today you know, i went to campus to meet my teacher. Me and my friend. Bot of us.
First time, i saw her at the nutrition lab at campus. but, since i didn't put any attention of her, since i need to wait for my friend, then i didn't know if she had left!!
We want to meet her at 10, but since my friend was late so it was about 10.15.
Then, when we went to nutrition lab again, she wasn't there!!!
Oh, gosh!! Then, we tried to message her. But no answer. We tried to find her, but no result.
Then, at 11.45, we called her. She answered!! Yay, i thought.
But she said that we can meet her at Monday....
Then i became, Whatt??? So i was being here before 10 o'clock it's for nothing?? My!!
But i know, the one who done wrongly are us. We were late,so..
Ah,i was so regret it.. But nothing can be done right?

Ah, btw, we went to our teacher to ask for help actually. lol. For doing her task (of making journal). Because we don't understand how to do it so we tried to meet her.. But since this is what happen so...
It's no choice but meet her at Monday right? hehe

Anyway, tomorrow i will meet my high school friends!! Yay!!
I hope i can meet my elementary school friends too.. I miss them so much!!

Night all.. Have a good day.\
God bless us


Jul. 13th, 2012


See ya, Nani!

It's been a super while!!!
Hi, all? What's up??
For me, i'm being soooo fine but so busy too this days.

But, i wanna say something here, since i haven't post anything yet for long time.
You know guys, i lost my friend again. I mean, she didn't go forever, but, she went to another city, for work. She and me are good friends. We have been together since i moved to this city. She is 2 years older than me but we are close. And, last wednesday, she went to Jakarta for work.
I do understand that she will working for her family, have the increase of life quality, etc. I do understand about it. But, i just can't stand it. I mean, this is too fast. We can't meet each other anymore (except she come home or me go to Jakarta). Actually that made me a little bit sad.
Well, but i need to support her no matter what. She said this when i congrats her for her graduation at April,
"Kamu juga cepetan lulus,ya. April tahun depan udah kudu lulus lho,"
that means,
"You too, get graduate soon. Next April you need to have been graduated,"
Actually that time, i didn't know anything about her move and her plan of work, so i totally surprised when she said to me that she will move to Jakarta for work.
and she said this too when she farewell to us,
"Daa febi.. Cepet lulus ya.. Buat mama papamu bangga ama kamu.. Salam buat mia,didit, om lucky, tante christ.. Gbu :)"
"Bye febi.. Get graduate soon.. Make your mom and dad proud of you.. Give my regards to mia, didit, om lucky, tante christ.. God bless you :)"

aaaa.... I'm getting miss her so sudden.. She even just moved for 2 days!!
Nani, i'll miss you.. And i'll do my promise to you.. I'll graduate next year!! I'll do my best and if i can, i'll go to your place too. lol
just wait for me,okay? lol

Anyway, thanks for always care for me, always give your advices to me, and for always being a good friend of me. I love you, my friend...
God,please bless her, and keep her safe.

Your friend,


May. 16th, 2012

what a discussion!

right now,I'm in a middle of class,but we're on a discussion now. what a discussion! lol
Actually,it's so noisy now,but actually it's fun. lol
we're discuss about the media and methods of health promotion in work place..
ah,I think I should stop it now, I mean blogging. lol
have a good day,everyone!
God bless us

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